SIRIO AC WALNUT| EIRE AC LACQUER     Industrial loft with great island

The architecture of this house encounters in this design exceptional solutions. The wood, as the centre of attention of this huge construction,  in harmony with elegant matt-lacquered and aluminium, show off a warm and a functional aspect. Great volumes, necessary here, are lineally designed: on one side,  tall units contain the refrigeration area, the utility storage and home appliances. On the other side the isle with cooking and water, and a third one extending down to the dining with sizeable cabinets displays suitable for dishes and glassware.

Detail of tall units continuation by means of a wooden rail. The combinations of opening system, handle or handleless, increase each module possible featuring: integrate fridges and pull-out pantries with ergonomic handles.

The great iron decorative structure brings visual lightness and closes the wall while gives room to adorn and storage.

Wood interplay in different parts of the room infers as a perfect fluid visual balance. The warmness of fine materials oppose to the cement and  anthracite grey selected for the isle.

Due to its great functionality and elegance aluminium display cabinets have become an indispensable part of kitchen planning. Either as tall units, top cupboards or as architectural elements to divide the room, they are highly adaptable to any emplacement suitable to the designer’s open-configuration planning.


The variety of colours, profiles and opening systems prospects, feature them as one of the best. 

In this design display cabinets are structured in a tall cupboard to house our most valuable belongings in harmonious interplay with the set of table and chairs where celebrate our family and social reunions.

The evolution of storage systems means a step ahead to all those who appreciate the commodity of keeping always to hand and to sight the full pantry. Electrical or manual, with a single movement,  the storage centre which contains five pull out trays, displays its content.

Another storage system to suit our needs in the base units are interior pull-outs with glass fronts and sideways. Cupboards of 60cm width have been furnished with three pull-out trays suitable for utilities, dishes, tablecloth..

The drawers for cutlery and utensils are customizable and can create our own composition. The wood with natural finish and the non-slip bottom form a combination of great beauty and strength.

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