Furniture equipment defines quality and durability, as well as the use of space and ergonomics in kitchens. These four fundamental aspects in the design must be taken into account according to the habits of the users. Storing food, organizing utensils, recycling of waste and other necessary elements in daily life are integrated and hidden so that the visual order is impeccable.



The drawers for cutlery and utensils are customizable and can create our own composition. The wood with natural finish and the non-slip bottom form a combination of great beauty and strength.

The customization of drawers and drawers with the wooden sides, as well as the interior accessories, enrich the aesthetics and organization of the furniture.

Another storage system that we can integrate to our liking in the low furniture are the interior drawers with glass front. The 60 cm wide furniture has been equipped with three drawers, ideal for pantry tableware, tablecloths ...

The non-slip base of the trays and the positionable brake that leaves them in the place necessary for the closing of the doors make this corner of great storage capacity totally useful, either for household goods or food.

For sink furniture we have different recycling systems that are chosen according to the user's needs and depending on the different sizes of the modules where they are located.

The respect for the environment and the general concern for recycling, which is already part of our way of life, drives us to incorporate specific accessories easily accessible in the large drawers of the furniture sinks.

These accessories also leave room for cleaning products, placing them by hand ergonomically.



Creating a large pantry fully accessible with independent elements is one of the options we offer to configure in a very personal way. The joined doors leave the entire interior in sight, this is also the intention of the glass fronts and sides, to be able to easily see what we store.

Accessibility, ergonomics and technology summarize the characteristics of the interior accessories with which our furniture is removed.

In this image the pantry Tamden facilitates the organization of the interior and makes it accessible 100% with a single gesture.


The great capacity and comfort of use make it one of the necessary accessories in today's kitchens.

The interior accessories of the corner columns make large openings accessible, making the most of them, increasing storage capacity.

The removable trays of this system come out completely so that access is complete.

The evolution of storage systems has been a breakthrough for all of us who appreciate the comfort of having the entire pantry within reach of the sight and hand.


Electric or manual with a single gesture the storage tower of five trays are completely removed from the furniture leaving all its contents with great accessibility.



In the breakfast cabinet with retractable doors we see the versatility of the color and material combinations that we have at our disposal. The interior equipment adjusts to the needs of each person. In this case, the plugs and the interior lighting were essential for the proper operation of the kitchen, with doors that hide laterally, leaving the entire interior visible only when necessary.

The column block includes two retractable that house the appliances and a large wooden display case for dishes. The interiors have been combined with reddish oak wood, warm LED lighting and thick shelves for storage.

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The metallic lacquer on the doors, the wood, the dark laminate and the lighting form an elegant and warm ensemble, in addition to being functional and of great beauty with both the open and closed furniture.