Enjoy the outside as at home.

The man, in permanent search of the essence of life, the one that allows us to separate the essential from the accessory, in order to achieve, that our precious time can be used in everything that makes us feel good, the need to obtain quality , values, sociability; everything that the grandmother's kitchen that we knew in our childhood has brought us, even the most avant-garde sophistication and design of today. We always keep in mind that durability is quality, in this sense the decision to provide materials and technique where everything is what paree is in our value chain. The location in a garden, where you can enjoy the outdoor space, is undoubtedly the healthiest aspect

Enjoying our time outdoors is a luxury of our century that we should not give up, an open space is the perfect place to socialize in a relaxed way, and the outdoor kitchen the essential element.

Large capacity drawers with extra volume, and open shelves, where larger items can be stored comfortably.

InPETRUS is materialized with high performance elements, the structural resistance of stainless steel and its stone coating compatible with food safety, also offers beauty in any of its multiple finishes and compositions, the technique used with precision mechanical assemblies, reduces the use of Adhesives to the minimum expression making this kitchen ideal for the garden.

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