SIRIO AC OAK | VISONE   Current house with peninsula

Kitchen completely merged with the homely environment. Range of colour in perfect coordination. Wood, ultra matt and nofingermarks surfaces. Stay, move and live intensely in a refined and full of life atmosphere.

Tall cabinets feature the open decorative iron moulding in their lateral end. The broom closet door is enlarged to bring uniformity to the storage setting. 

The iron mouldings in the tall units lighten the furniture and provide motion and functionality to the whole.

The structure of this project enables multiple heights and widths compositions.

Personalized pull-outs and drawers with wooden sidelines, as well as the inner accesories, provide great elegance and heighten its functionality.

Accessibility, ergonomics and technology summarize the features of the inner accessories our furnishing are equipped with. In this picture the pantry Tandem eases the interior utensils organization ensuring they are always 100% easily accessible in a single step.   
Its great storage capacity and versatility makes of it the ideal complement any modern kitchen should include.

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