SENA LACQUER BRUSHED     House with integrated spaces

Metallic-looking materials have contributed in the evolution of the kitchen into the living space, halls, dinning rooms and other areas of the house.  The architectural element featuring open and closed aluminium display cabinets is a skilful way of dividing the room, both optically and functionally as the perfect continuation of the kitchen into the homely atmosphere.  Creates visible axes of vision and sharing open spaces. Multifunctional shelving as well as the glass display cabinets, create new storage units, exhibiting elements formerly hidden.

Mobile furniture evolution refurbish the kitchen aspect into a functional area transforming the ambience with a single move. This system offers an open or closed planning through an oval wooden surface which turns into a table for breakfast or quick meals without being in the middle of.

The increment in the furniture depth and in countertops therefore, has led to new combinations in aluminium which ease and decorate the kitchen’s back side. On the wall as well as inset they show great versatility such as: keeping dish-racks, hidden plugs, kitchenware, shelves for dinner service, spice containers, providing tidiness and functionality while bestowing our kitchen to stand out from the rest.

Interior fitments of the corner tall units feature sizeable openings which enables to increase their storage capacity.

Pull-out trays can be taken out and permit full access.

Metal, stone, wood. A notable feeling of harmony is guaranteed when selected materials and colours interact one another. Atmospherically illuminated balances and vitalises. The wood, aluminium and the emerald illumination of its shelves complement the kitchen architecture appointed to cosmopolitan dwellings opened to new experiences. 

A growing concern for the environmental awareness and recycling, led us to integrate specific accessible features in the pull-outs located under the sink. This accessories also make room for the household cleaning products, always to hand in an ergonomic way. 

Our catalogue feasibility enables the creation of adaptable furnishing to other parts of the house.  In this skilfully interplay, in opposition to central display cabinets, the cupboard with with glass front shelves and an interior wooden drawer enables the creation of a unique and delicate atmosphere providing the perfect finishing touch to the concept.

Detail of the wood which finishes the glass front shelves and the interior drawer, customizable in other materials and colours. 
Pull-outs opening system through a fine flangehandle when the front is closed.

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