Kitchens made in Spain with the best European components.


We would like to thank you in advance for the trust you have placed in us by purchasing one of our kitchens.

We have great confidence in our products, so we hope to provide you with a satisfactory use and durability experience. However, remember to keep your purchase invoice if you need to make use of this guarantee, as will be required.

Guarantee coverage

This guarantee is governed by the Royal Decree 1 /2007 of 16 November, General Law for the Defense of Consumers and Users which sets the guarantee period in 2 years from kitchen delivery. Our company extends coverage up to a total of 10 years with replacement of any defective part or material not including installation labour. As an exception, those kitchens that incorporate polylaminate type doors will have a replacement guarantee of 5 years, as granted by the manufacturer.

In the case of products that our company does not manufacture but acts as a distributor, for instance lighting and appliances, the guarantee will be provided by the manufacturer of these products.

Guarantee covers any manufacturing defect, Delamora Espacio Integral will replace or repair the defective material in the shortest possible time. If the material has been discontinued, replacing parts will be of similar characteristics to the original. In conformity of the final product it must be considered that there is a tolerance margin due to different production batches as well as tone variations caused by the passage of time, the light incidence and moisture. We will always try to reduce these differences but in case of difficult supply, we reserve the right to use products from other suppliers, ensuring that the same qualitative and functional characteristics are maintained.

Requirements for coverage

- An authorized dealer must have installed our products.
- Products factory settings must not have been altered or modified.
- Maintenance and cleaning instructions must have been complied with.
- Cleaning products recommended in the manual must have been used.


There is not guarantee for damage caused by

- Spillage of corrosive products as vinegar, acids, ketones or alkalis.
- Discharges of water not removed promptly.
- Exposure to vapor caused by the non-use of extractor hood or its malfunction and dishwasher leaks.
- Exposure to heat sources such as oven or boiler dissipation and direct sunlight.
- Bumps or scratches reported after 3 working days since the installation of the kitchen.
In the case of products such as wood and veneers, streaks and tonality variations due to the material nature or its ageing by the light expose are not subject to guarantee.

How to use the guarantee

Any claim must be done through our distributors who will notify the factory.
Please read carefully and observe the instructions for maintenance and cleaning. If you respect these guidelines you can get the most out of your kitchen. Note that damage caused by non-diligence will not be subject to guarantee.